zaterdag 29 december 2012

2012-12-29 09:27 hbos going deep again

Weather : Clouded / S wind 6 bft / Rain 0 mm / 1007.2 hpa
Divers : Kacper ,Axel,
Goal : Look around , measure visibility.
Max depth : 19.8 mtr
Duration : 65 minutes
Air temp : 11.0 celsius
Water temp : 6,6 celsius minimum
Fish: > 3 eal, 2 catfish, 3 Perch, 1 Zander all in the deep.
Baseline visibility: 6 mtr depth -> 9 meters.
Secchi visibility: 6 meter depth -> 12 mtr
Plants: Elodea (waterpest) is diminishing at the entry point. though a young plant is growing being Potamogeton Crispus. At 20 mtr depth loose bushes of Elodea can be found which have bigger leafs than the ones at about 2-3 mtr depth.
Remarks > 10 divers. We were heading for the yellow buoy. We have passed 2 ridges. We took a right turn and the bottom slopes nicely. There is a huge clay boulder. Then we turned east again and found the air hoses which supply the northwest pontoon. They are curled up and attached to the anchor of the yellow buoy. A steel line guides to the pontoon. At 9 mtr depth on our measurement pile a beautiful sponge grows. Also patches of darkgreen algea on the pile. Temperature is now stable. 

zaterdag 22 december 2012

2012-12-21 15:09 hbos Top layer sediment ..WOW!!

Weather : rainy / S wind 4 bft / Rain 1.1 mm / 1001.7 hpa
Divers : Ted,Gery,Remko,Martien,Axel,
Goal : get sediment specimen at 20 mtr and specimen from pile at 6 mtr depth
Max depth : 20.0 mtr
Duration : 69 minutes
Air temp : 7.0 celsius
Water temp : 5,2 celsius minimum
Fish: > 1 eal, 1 catfish
Remarks: > 5 divers. Taking specimens is fun especially when you want to know what you will find under de microscope..  Result is astonashing.. See movie I made from under de microscope. 
The variety of cells and organisms is infinite.

Look at videowall on righthand side of the blogsite

maandag 17 december 2012

2012-12-15 16:14 hbos CLEANUP DIVE!!

Weather : CloudedSSW wind 4 bft / Rain 1.1 mm / 995.1 hpa
Divers : John,Ted,Gery,Remko,Mark,Marco,Maurits,Ferry,Iva,Jack,Rick,Robin,Axel,
Goal : Cleaning up plastic / tin cans / lost fishinglines and weights
Max depth : 14.9 mtrs
Duration : 67 minutes
Air temp : 8.0 celsius
Water temp : 5,2 celsius minimum
Fish: > 2 eals, 
Remarks: There is enough waste to organise such a cleanup dive so we rounded up a team of 14 divers. We split them up in groups and divided them in sectors so we would cover as much terrain as possible.

Team ZEEP had provided potatonets to collect the waste in. The saturday before they had set up an cleanupdive 50 divers strong for the Vinkeveense plassen. This lake is way bigger than Hbos. Anyway when the teams set off my buddy and I had set the goal to collect fishing lines from the NW pontoon. 
 The enthousiasm was great when we piled up the catch.  After having a nice cup of coffee and some cookies we dumped the waste in the container and headed home. Anyway there's more to cleanup so every dive we do we take some waste along with us. With that we make a good step in keeping this lake special.

2012-12-15 14:31 hbos Placing SETL plate H106

Weather : CloudedSSW wind 4 bft / Rain 1.1 mm / 995.1 hpa
Divers : John, Axel
Goal : Placing new SETL plate and moving.
Max depth : 19.7 mtrs
Duration : 31 minutes
Air temp : 8.0 celsius
Water temp : 5,2 celsius minimum
Fish: > 1 very small Perch, 
Visibility : 7,5 meters at 3 meter depth 
               7,5 meter at 6 meter depth
Secchi viz: 10 meter at 3 meter depth

Remarks: Moving SETL plate H136 to new location and placing a new plate H106 on new location.
Below is photo of H106. I've had permission from Vork & Mes to use a new location.
For visibility we started using Secchi equivelant of 10 cm diam instead of the standard 20 cm disc in addition to Baseline for scientific reason

vrijdag 14 december 2012

2012-12-13 New baseline meter / Catfish

Weather : Clear / SE wind 2 bft / Rain 0.0 mm / 1008.7 hpa
Divers : Remko,Iva, Axel
Goal : Visibility go-see into the deep
Max depth : 19.7 mtrs
Duration : 67 minutes
Air temp : -1.0 celsius
Water temp : 5,6 celsius minimum
Fish: > 2 eals, > 5 Perch, > 5 Ruffe and some redbellshrimp free swimming, 1 catfish
Visibility : 8,0 meters at 3 meter depth 
               8,0 meter at 6 meter depth

Remarks: 3 divers in water. No thermocline nice and clear water
New baselinemeter is made of trespa where the white top layer has been milled away until the black baselayer becomes visible. Special thanks to Patrick.

donderdag 6 december 2012

2012-12-06 20:10 Sediment measuring

Weather : Clear / S wind 5 bft / Rain 0.0 mm / 1009.1 hpa
Divers : John,Kacper, Axel
Goal : Visibility, Random Sediment measuring / SETL check
Max depth : 14.9 mtrs
Duration : 50 minutes
Air temp : 2.0 celsius
Water temp : 7,2 celsius minimum
Fish: > 2 eals, > 5 Perch, > 5 Ruffe and some redbelly shrimp free swimming
Visibility : 7,5 meters at 3 meter depth 
               7,5 meter at 6 meter depth

Remarks: 3 divers in water. No significant thermocline. From 0-15 mtr. 
Today it is JOhn's 500th dive. First we do a check on where we are going to hang our 5 SETL plates. We have official authorisation of the Restaurant.  So they are aware of what is going to hang there. One tiny Perch sat on the SETL plate H135. Both Plates are clean but the stones and laundryline has grown some organisms on it.
Then we lowered down to do viz measurements. At the bottom at about 13 mtr we did a sediment thickness measurement. Next to the pile it was 50 cm until we hit hard bottom. A few meters south from the pile the stick hit some more dense layers, but came to about 110 cm depth. We just took random measurements to get an idea. At some point event at 7 mter depth there was a sediment layer of 100 cm! Byu the looks of it the more you come to the shore the more dense it becomes. At the reel we have 80 cm
The concrete mixer is gone by the way. I guess it hase been replaced to another location.

It was a very interesting dive with suprisingly much fish.