maandag 30 april 2012

2012-04-29 10:33 hbos

Weather     : Some clouds / ESE wind 1 bft / Rain 0.2 mm / 1011 hpa
Divers        : John, Koos, Axel
Goal          : Check mist
Max depth  : 12.7
Duration     : 58 minutes
Air temp     : 16 celsius
Water temp : 9.2 celsius minimum
Thermocline: none
Fish           : 1 Zander, 2 Pikes, 2 eals.
Plants        : wire algea at 9 mtr depth and up.
Visibility     :  6 mtr at 3 and 6 mtr depth (estimated)
Remarks     :  > 20 divers in water
4 fisherman at Northside. We saw crushed cornfeeding to attract pike. One pike was feeding in a cloud of dust. No fishinglines , but we did see a feedingbasket. Later on we spotted to eals. of which one swam away. At end of dive a nosy pike let me film and photograph it. Super dive. Mist in northern shore still is deeper than 12.7 meter although we saw patches of dust.

zaterdag 28 april 2012

2012-04-26 19:26 hbos

Weather     : Some clouds / S wind 5-6 bft / Rain 2.7 mm / 1000.9 hpa
Divers        : Remko, Axel
Goal          : Visibility check
Max depth  : 13.0
Duration     : 49 minutes
Air temp     : 11 celsius
Water temp : 9.2 celsius minimum
Thermocline: none
Fish           : 1 Zander, 1 big fat perch,  1 Pike with common fishleach on it.
Plants        : wire algea at 9 mtr depth and up, south from Paviljoen
Visibility     :  6 mtr at 3 and 6 mtr depth.
Remarks     :  > 4 divers in water
At this stage 1 airpump at the yellow buoy is working and after checking pontoons at 28-04-12 also the two eastern pumps are working. Mist now at 13 meters depth.
The fat perch is probably full of eggs. Not much waterflea activity as the days before. This week strong winds do not seem to have a great impact on visibility. Piles under Paviljoen slowly grow algea on them.

woensdag 25 april 2012

2012-04-24 20:33 hbos

Weather     : Some clouds / SW wind 3 bft / Rain 6.5 mm / 995.6 hpa
Divers        : John, Axel
Goal          : GPS run
Max depth  : 14.9
Duration     : 68 minutes
Air temp     : 9 celsius
Water temp: 8.4 celsius minimum
Thermocline: none
Fish           : 1 Zanders, 5 eals, waterfleas up to 14.9 mtr depth, > 5 small perch,  
Plants        : wire algea at 9 mtr depth and up, south from Paviljoen
Visibility     :  4.5 mtr at 3 and 6 mtr depth.
Remarks     :  2 divers in water
At this stage 1 airpump at the yellow buoy is working. We tried to do a GPS run of the 17 mtr reef, 
At 7 meters a cloud of shrimp gave away the location of the first eal. At 14 mtr depth a thick mist reduced visibility to 0. We went southwest bound and intercepted an northsouth anchorline. We followed that until it went up to the southwest plaform. Near that a solitary eal layed on the bottom. We went further south en came across impressive boulders of clay. We ascended to 10 meters and followed the 10 meter line in a sharp bend going north. A few more formations of clay boulders. We ascended further to 8 meters and spotted patches of wire algea.At one clay formation 3 eals were located in a few crevasses. We proceeded further north until we reached the Paviljoen. A quick circumnavigation around it, because we cannot pull the surface buoy under and my GPS is attached to it. GPS run was invane because it did not log properly and missed accuracy. This Wintec GPS is not suitable for this purpose.

zondag 22 april 2012

2012-04-22 hbos 10:38

Weather     : Some clouds / WSW wind 5 bft / Rain 0.0 mm / 1003.0 hpa
Divers        : Joris,John, Axel
Goal          : lookaround
Max depth  : 11.2
Duration     : 70 minutes
Air temp     : 12 celsius
Water temp: 8.0 celsius minimum
Thermocline: Not significant
Fish           :  3 Zanders, 1 Pike, 1 Spined Loach (Modderkruiper) and millions of waterfleas.
Plants        : New shoots of pondweed even at 9 meters depth
Visibility     :  7 mtr at 9 mtr depth.
Remarks     :  >10 divers in water
At the 13th I was told the airpumps had started working again, but apparantly that was a testrun.
Pumps are not working since we see no bubbles near the pontons. The visibility is good.
A Pike swims towards me with more than 5 common fish leaches stuck to it's back. He passes me by with a friendly smile. New shoots are emerging  everywhere and clearly fish is getting more active.
Fish are in fact kind laid back and calm except for the Spined Loach which was very skittish and the Carps which surrounded Joris at one point. These Carps are extremely agile and fast and most certainly do not hang still for a photoshoot. This time no Perch.I guess I saw musselseed on a patch of mussels.

vrijdag 13 april 2012

2012-04-12 20:06 hbos, Pumps started

Weather     : Some clouds / WNW wind 2 bft / Rain 0.0 mm / 1004.0 hpa
Divers        : Joris
Goal          : Viz measurements
Max depth  : 12.6
Duration     : 53 minutes
Air temp     : 5 celsius
Water temp: 7.6 celsius minimum
Thermocline: Is gone from surface to 12 meters temp is 8 celsius
Fish           :  3 Large Perch, 2 eals, millions of waterfleas.
Plants        : New shoots of pondweed even at 9 meters depth
Visibility     :  4.5 mtr at 6 mtr depth, 4.5 mtr at 3 mtr depth
Remarks     :  2 divers in water. 
When Joris and I dove the visibility was 2 x better than the last dive and it is noticeably warmer. Visibility has recovered to 4,5 mtr at 3 and 6 meter depth. Paviljoen piles at 3 meters depth start to grow algae again and mussels are returning at piles at 3 mtr depth.Thermocline has gone, probably because of strong winds and rain in the last week so temp is now 8 degrees from surface to 13 meters depth. The upper layer of about 5 meters is invested with waterfleas. Bigger perch are showing themselves again.Two eals. New shoots of pondweed are emerging even at 9 mtr depth. At north side wire-algae patches starting to form at 6 mtr depth. Mixing the water and waterfleas have probably had a posititive effect on the visibilty. Mussels at bottom still make tracks on bottom which is absolutely flat as opposed to the numerous small pits. two dead coots which are covered in mould. These changes make PB fun!!!!

donderdag 5 april 2012

2012-04-03 20:11 hbos

Weather     : Cloudy / W wind 2 bft / Rain 0.4 mm / 1003.1 hpa
Divers        : John
Goal          : Checking Thermocline
Max depth  : 11.5
Duration     : 39 minutes
Air temp     : 8.9 celsius
Water temp: 5.2 celsius minimum
Thermocline: At 7 meters thick milk like thermocline from 6 to 8 celsius.
Fish           : > 5 Perch, millions of Cyclopidae Maxillopoda (een oogkreeftjes)
Plants        : Covered in sediment of thermocline
Visibility     :  2 mtr at 6 mtr depth, 1.5 mtr at 3 mtr depth
Remarks     :  6 divers in water. Surface watertemp is 10.
TC at 7 mtr washing out deeper. Up to 11 mtrs dust. All mussels have there tubes wide open and still no mussels on the piles of the Paviljoen up to 8 mtr depth. At bottom a heap of mussels and sponges which have fallen of the piles. Mussels are active on bottom making tracks. Significant temp increase while taking viz measurement. In 3 minutes a rise from 7 celsius to 10 celsius while staying in a 3 meter radius at exactly 3 mtr depth. 3 mtr dept temperature at exit point was 8 celsius.

dinsdag 3 april 2012

2012-03-27 21:03 hbos

Weather     : Clear / NNW wind 2 bft / Rain 0.0 mm / 1035.6 hpa
Divers        : Ted / Axel
Goal          : Reconnaissance dive on reef at 17 mtr depth, + GPS logging
Max depth  : 19.1
Duration     : 60 minutes
Air temp     : 10.3 celsius
Water temp: 4.4 celsius minimum
Thermocline: At 6.5 meters thick milk like thermocline from 6 to 7 celsius.
Fish           : 1 Zander > 10 Ruffe > 10 Perch, 1 eal
Plants        : no changes
Visibility     :  Beneath TC approx 7 mtrs, above TC 0.5 - 1 mtr.
Remarks     :  2 divers in water. Heading 170 degrees along the umbrella. 15 mtr reef at 6 minutes.17 mtr reef at 10 minutes, going left at thin rope (West to East). Nice blocks. One zander showing itself 3 times.Blocks have a layer of sediment on them. After 20 minutes we descent further to 19 mtrs. Some sediment clouds. After 30 minutes we reach the airtube from the northern platform, with a chain. So we are SW of the platform. We ascent along the sand slope from 16 to 13 mtr until we come to a vertical rope. This hangs from the anchorline of the platform. We go over it at 11 mtr. We swim back to shore.TC is still there. Surface watertemp is 10.

Water report: PH has increased from 8.01 to 8.91 within 1,5 month. This is a large increase and the cause of it is under investigation, because all other values remain quite stable. This might have a biological cause with regards to the poor visibility from surface to 6.5 meters.