zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

2012-10-11 20:04 hbos eals and Carp. Last watersamples

Weather : lightclouds / OSO wind 3 bft / Rain 0.1 mm / 1009.2 hpa
Divers : Remko,Ben, Axel
Goal : Check SETL plates, watersamples , visibility, in search of Thermocline
Max depth : 18,4 mtrs
Duration : 87 minutes
Air temp : 9,5 celsius
Water temp : 15,6 celsius minimum
Fish: > 3 young Pike, 4 eal, school with common roach about 10 cm feeding on the explosion of shrimp. 1 Carp, 1 giant copepod.
Plants : Elodea is growing upto 7 meters with white roots. Very few algea dots only on north side
Visibility : 5,0 mtr at 5,5 and 6 meter depth.  (baseline meter because of bad light conditions)Remarks: 3 divers, No thermocline. a little milky. Down to 18 meters the temperature is constant. Mist layer starting at 17 meters.

CO2 is still pretty high and PH is fairly low probably due to much rainfall lately.
SETL H135: Few dots of brown coloured growth is starting. Few threads of tube algea attached to it
SETL H136: Just a brownish glow at the outer corners of the plate few threads of tubealgea landed on it and a few waterfleas have gathered underneath it.

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